Bolgia 1 -- Panderers and Seducers

WELCOME to The Eighth Circle of Hell…BOLGIA 1, THE PANDERERS and SEDUCERS…

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pander -noun


1. a person who furnishes clients for a prostitute or supplies persons for illicit sexual intercourse; procurer; pimp.
2. a person who caters to or profits from the weaknesses or vices of others.
3. a go-between in amorous intrigues.

seducer or (feminine) seductress -n.
1. a person whois seductive, entices, or allures, esp. one who entices another to engage in sexual intercourse


Inferno’s eighth circle of Hell begins as Dante accompanied by his guide, Vergil, into the first bolgia containing the souls of the Panderers and Seducers. Here, Dante witnesses the punishment of the souls as they run back and forth to endlessly from each end of the bolgia scourged and whipped as they run past the demons and horned fiends of the bolgia. As Virgil guides Dante through the pain and agony of these souls, Dante recognizes a familiar face of the Italian, Venedico Cacciamico. After some interrogation, Venedicao Caccianemico is found to be a member of the Guelphs in Bolongia, Italy and a panderer for the sale of his sister for his own romantic pleasures with another woman. As the pair moves on, they both see the figure of Jason, the Greek man who abandoned his wife, Medea, after using her knowledge and connection to the gods for the Golden Fleece and taking another woman for his own. Virgil and Dante leave the bolgia and cross into the second evil pocket of Hell in which a horrific stench fills the air around them. The two witness a heap of human excrement in which hopeless souls are steeping and sinking.

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Alluding to many historical and current events of his time, Dante incorporates well known individuals into bolgia one of circle eight. The primary victims of Dante’s Hell are members of the Guelphs inItaly. Being a Ghibellines in opposition to the Guelphs and their political ideas, Dante creates Hell filled with a majority of Guelphs. The first soul that Dante encounters is of Bologna,Italy named, Venedico Cacciamico. This man was infamous for his seduction of another woman after the sacrificing sale of his sister. In essence, he intentionally sold his sister to have the means of obtaining another woman for his own sexual desires. In addition, this man is a Guelph from Italy making him a prime victim for Dante’s Hell. Deeper in this evil pocket of panderers and seducers, Dante locates Jason, the Greek character from Euripides play, Medea. Jason used his marriage to his wife, Medea, to gain access to the Golden Fleece that the gods beheld. It was in his interest to find the Golden Fleece and then leave Medea alone to marry another woman of royalty and power. Jason’s indescribable disloyalty to Medea and desire to associate with another woman play a role in his placement in circle eight. However, the mere fact that Jason is Greek also plays a significant part in his location in Hell seeing as the Italians and the Greeks have had a rouged past. Dante primarily victimizes those of a different political and cultural stance in his levels of Hell, particularly in this bolgia.
Medea's Revenge

An artists portayal of the Panderers and Seducers
An artists portayal of the Panderers and Seducers