Circle 8 Bolgia 9: Sowers of Discord

Introduction: In Dante Alighieri's Inferno, Canto XXVII is full of sinners which are guilty of sowers of discord, or one who is driven to act on other's vulnerabilities and is driven solely on their own self-interests. These sinners are believed to have ripped apart the community in which they belong. Within this section, there are members guilty of Sowers of Religious Discord, Sowers of Political Discord, and Sower of Discord Between Kinsmen.

Sowers of Religious Discord:
Mahommed is the founder of Islam appears first and has the most brutal wounds. His son-in-law carries his head Dante uses this as symbolism.
Fra Dolcino was the head of Apolstolic Brothers and outlawed religious sect.
Sowers of Political Discord:
Pier Dia Medicina was from Romagna, he caused rulers to turn against themselves.
Curio is the man who urged Ceaser to cross the Rubicon, declaring war on the Republic.
Mosca Dei Lamberti said that one of the Buondelmonti should be murdered, which caused conflict between the Ghibellines and Guelphs.
Sower of Discord Between Kinsmen:
Bertand De Born separated father (Henry II) from son, which for these actions, Dante forces him to carry his head decapitated from his body.

Summary: The way this Bolgia is described is in realtion to a battlefield. The wounds of the sinners within this circle of hell have wounds considered to be worse than any of those suffered by civilians that participated in the Battle of Troy and in the Battle of Ceprano. These are wars of the early Romans and the Samnites.The devil harasses his the members of this hell by stabbing them as they come near him, which splits them in half. Each member is mutilatedbased on the intensity of their sin. This circle is consistant with Dante's idea that ripping apart a community is worse than ripping apart faith

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