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Bolgia 4

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Dive on into the haphazard world of Bolgia Four! This waste land is abundant with mystics and fortune tellers who may, if you're lucky enough, bump into you as they walk past with their backward heads! As you tour through this pit in hell, you may catch a glimpse of several famous fortune tellers!


Bolgia Four is located in Circle Eight of Hell. Circle Eight, also called Malebolge, is particularly well-known for its deep ditches and terrible punishments. Visitors have provided such flattering descriptions as "bathed with the tearsof its tormented crew."

Get In

To enter this horrific vacation spot, all you have to do is tell some fortunes, then die! You'll be sent to Bolgia 4 straight away. If you wish to stay alive, contact Virgil at 1-800-DEAD-POET or by wandering aimlessly through the Dark Wood of Error. He will meet you near the gates of hell and lead you through your luxurious stay at the most horrific place on earth!
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Get Around

The primary way of transportation through Bolgia Four is by foot. Circle Eight, however, is located deep in hell, and it is a long walk to reach the fourth Bolgia. Travelers should be advised to bring comfortable walking shoes and guard their souls against despair.


Bolgia Four is best known for its uniquely disfigured inhabitants. Although their heads are now turned backwards and they are prone to tears, many of the world's most famous fortune tellers and diviners are still easily identifiable for visitors' benefit. Actual divining, however, is strictly ‍forbidden, so superstitious travelers will need to get their horoscopes elsewhere.
An artist's depiction of the famous diviners of Bolgia Four
An artist's depiction of the famous diviners of Bolgia Four


Previous travelers have sugested these options:

  • Weep against a rock
  • Listen to your guide rant about his origins. (Such as Virgil telling Dante about the founding of Mantua
  • Be escorted by your guide around the soothsayers

Get Out

Leaving Bolgia 4 is very straightforward: simply continue across the bridge to Bolgia 5. If you wish to leave Hell altogether, however, you will need to travel through all the remaining bolgias, Circle Nine, and Purgatory. Plan ahead for the inconvenience.

Famous Inhabitants

Amphiareus (Amphiaraus)- fortold and tried to escape his own death, but fell down to Hell in an earthquake.

Eurypylus- Greek augur who chose the time to leave for Troy in the Trojan War

Tiresias- blind prophet in Thebes
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Aruns- predicted that Caesar would win the war against Pompey

Manto- diviner. Mantua was founded on her grave.

Michael Scott- 13th century Irish scholar. Alternatively, the "World's Best Boss."
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Guido Bonatti- 13th century court astrologer

Asdente- shoemaker and fortuneteller


"I first entered Bolgia Four under the leadership of my good friend Virgil. (I was ultimately planning to visit heaven, but we were forced to take the scenic route.) My first impression of the Bolgia concerned the landscape of the place-- it was simply a barren pit filled with people. It wasn't until I looked closer that I noticed the natives' unique features. Each had his or her head turned backwards and was processing slowly around the edge of the pit. I was also astonished by the number of celebrities present. In fact, I saw everyone in the 'famous visitors' section of my favorite travel wiki. Although the horror of the sight drew me to tears, Virgil cautioned me against feeling pity. These souls, after all, have sealed their fate by their divining in life. We moved on quickly, but I have to admit that Bolgia Four is a must-see place in hell."
-Dante Alighieri

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