Circle 8 Bolgia 6


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In Bolgia 6 lie the hypocrites, they wear lead robes and walk around a track. Here Dante comes in contact with two jovial Friars and Caiaphas the chief sinner. Caiaphas is punished by being crucified to the floor of Hell with three great stakes. With his sin being the greatest he must be walked upon by the sinners in this track. The jovial friars tell Virgil how to climb out of the pit because Malacoda lied.

Symbolism 101-

The symbolism behind the hypocrites with the lead coats is focused on the outer appearance. One the outside hypocrites, like their lead coats, are adorned and beautiful. The coats also have the appearance of habits, just how a hypocrites lies can seem like they are striving for holiness. On the inside you can see the "terrible weight of their deceit." Walking eternally around in circles shows how they will never go anywhere with their lies. For Caiaphas, the crucifixion symbolizes what he did to Jesus, but he also must be stepped upon and feel the weight of everyone for all eternity.

Characters -

Two Jovial Friars - Catalano dei Malavoti (Guelph) and Loderingo degli Andolo (Ghibelline) are two military monks. Belonging to the Order of the Glorious Virgin Mary founded at Bologna in 1261. Their original goal was to serve as peacemakers, enforcer of order, and protectors of the weak. They didn't follow their own rules and management of worldly affairs was self centered so their order was disbanded but papal decree.
Caiaphas - Roman appointed Jewish high priest. He was said to have organized the plot to kill Jesus. According to gospel accounts he was Jesus' major antagonist.