SUMMARY:Virgil leads Dante to Circle III, the Gluttons, where they see Cerberus blocking their path. Unable to continue with Cerberus in their way, Virgil flings a piece of ground into the three headed beast's mouth, to appease him. As Virgil and Dante continue there is a storm of rotten black rain that comes down on them, and they notice that the air is filled with a disgusting smell. They realize that the Gluttons reside in this garbage-pit like atmosphere. The pathetic sinners are punished to a life of torture for putting the consumption of food above all other actions, as they have their flesh ripped apart by Cerberus.
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Dante continues on through the putrid scene, and as he continues he is confronted by Ciacco, the Hog from Florence. After he explains, to Dante, his crime of gluttony, he continues speaking and delivers a prophecy. He tells Dante to speak of his name when he returns to the world of the living and to consider the prophecy that he has laid out. Dante and his guide continue only to discover that Plutus is waiting for them at the end of the path.

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CHARACTERS: Ciacco, the Hog- punished for his crime of gluttony he is forced to live in Hell, constantly being ripped apart by Cerberus. Like Dante he is from Florence and he wants his name to be remembered there. Throughout Circle Three he tells a prophecy to Dante and it serves as a warning. He is ultimately trapped in the putrid wasteland of the Gluttons.Cerberus- the three-headed dog that drools over the inhabitants of Circle Three, like the sinners drooled over food and drink. He viciously tears the sinners limb for limb and continues the proccess over and over again. He is described in a way that gives human characteristics to his actual beast like appearance.