Violent Against God, Nature, and Art
Welcome to the 3rd round of the 7th Circle...

The Punishment:The punishment for these people are to be on the desert of Hell and being rained upon by fire. Each category of sinner has a small difference in the way they are punished. The blasphemers are stretched out on the sand so that the wrath of god can rain down on them. The sodomites are bound to roam around in bands for all of eternity, and if they stop walking they must lay for a hundred years forbidden to brush off the burning rain. The usurers are in a crouch at the edge of the plain near the cliff.
The desert is meant to represent sterility. The sins that are included in these groups are UNNATURAL and STERILE, hence the desert. Rain is generally a sign of fertility, however because it is raining fire, it is more of a message of sterility again, and of God'ss wrath against these sinners.
Reasoning of why the Blashphemers are where they are in hell: The blasphemers come after violence against neighbors and violence against self because if you were to hurt a child of God, such as a neighbor, you are hurting his family, and If you were to hurt yourself you are also hurting his family. If you hurt a neighbor it is out of anger, or jealousy, or some other bad emotion that takes over your thought process and clouds your judgement and if you hurt yourself you are so depressed that you feel as though no one loves you, no even god which is why these rounds are so low in hell, but if you are a blasphemer, you directly hutt God, the person of all extreme kindness and love who created the world and you and everything that you have and hold dear. That is why blashpemy is such a terrible sin, you are turning your back against everything in the entire world, because God made it all. This sin comes before the sodimites and ursurers. The sodimites are after blashphemy because they also go against God, but instead of just speaking out against him, the sodomites are acting against him too. By being homosexual these people are smiting Gods rule and the natural order that He created. That is worse than Blashemy because they are completely going against God just like the blashpemers but they are also acting against him. The Ursurers are violent against art. Art is termed God's grandchild, he created it, and supports it, and these sinners are making a joke of it. These sinners are tearing apart something that God really tries to inspire and support and he really loves. These sinners are worse than blasphemers and sodomites because they aren't speaking badly about God or going against the order that he created, they are distroying something beautiful that he created and something that should be able to inspire other people and depict history and very important things.

The Violent Against God
The Blasphemers: They are made to suffer because of their betrayal of God and the hateful words they've spoken against God.
  • Capaneus - According to the Greek myth he sound at the wall of Thebes and proclaimed that not even Zeus could stop him from invading it, to which Zeus responded by strucking him with a thunderbolt. Even while in hell, he continues to curse God, whom he calls Jove as a reference to Jupiter, and receives harsher punishment.h
Why the Punishment Fits the Crime:
  • "You are made to suffer as much fire inside as falls upon. only your own rage can befit torment for your sullen pride." Virgil pg 113
  • They are comdemned to be tortured by the wrath of God, by the fire raining down on them, and by nature, which is the fiery sands. Not only are they forced to suffer the physical torments but also they are tormented by their own inner violence, which was the root of their blashempy.
  • The Blashempers recieve the most pain with their suffering since they are forced to lay face up on the fiery sands with no protection from the fire raining down on them, and they can never get away from it.

The Violent Against NatureThe Sodomites
  • Ser Brunetto Latino- Alive during Dante's time, he was a prominent member of the Guelphs in Florence. Dante refers to him as "master" to show his spiritual gratitude he has for his works. Dante was puzzled to see him in Hell, but never questioned Ciacco about it. This may be because Dante didn't start to think of Brunetto as a sodomite until many years after his death.
  • Jacopo Rustincucci- An influencial Florentine politician, also a Guelph. He was part of the group of 3 Florentine nobles that aproach Dante. While talking with Dante he blames his sodomy and therefore his punishment on the pride of his wife.
  • Guido Guerra- Was a member of the greatest of Tuscan Families, and a leader of the Guelph faction.
  • Tegghiaio Aldobrandi- Nobleman and member of Adimari clan, along with Guido Guerra, also a part of the Guelph faction. One of the group of 3 Florentine nobles that approach Dante and is much esteemed by him.

Why the Punishment Fits the Crime:
  • The people confined to this circle, constantly walk around in circles. If they stop, they will have to lay down for eternity and will not be able to brush off the fire rain.
  • This punishment is appropriate because these people were unable to settle down in life with a wife and kids. Thus, they can never settle down in the after life. 

The Violent Against Art
The Usurers
  • Geryon- he exists here to take the poets to the eighth circle. With paws of a lion and the face of an honest man, Geryon is the Monster of Fraud.
Their Journey here was cut short, meaning that Dante found what he needed and decided to leave without adding much detail.

Why the Punishment Fits the Crime:
  • These people got money without doing anything for it.
  • Their punishment is huddling on sand with raining fire.
  • This is the least harsh out of the three groups of people found in the circle.
  • Putting down art makes them less important. Therefore, God made them less important in Hell.
  • It's almost as if they are kids in time out.
  • The usurers do nothing for all of eternity. They can't move and have the added torment of sitting in an odd position.

Physical Features

  • Boiling Rill- Dante and his Guide are protected by this rill. It's possible that they are being protected mainly from the heat of the ground. It snuffs out all of the fire so the poets can walk freely amoung the tormented. Rushing out like a river from the Wood of Sucides and runs red, which was very disturbing to Dante. At one point upon the sand the river than turns to steam.
  • The Great Cliff- seperates the sins of the Lion, circle 7, from the Sins of the Leperard, circle 8.
  • The Wood of Suicides- located in the Violent against Selves, but is seen by the poets from the Violent Against Nature. The Boiling Rill flows from the forest.

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