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Throughout this project, you will find information, images, and connections relating to the areas, shades, and creatures mentioned in Dante's Inferno. Use the links below to navigate to each of the different areas to learn more about this great epic poem.

The Dark Wood of Error (Cantos 1-2)
The Vestibule of Hell(Canto 3)
Circle I - Limbo - The Virtuous Pagans(Canto 4)
Circle II - The Carnal(Canto 5)
Circle III -- The Gluttons(Canto 6)
Circle IV -- The Hoarders and Wasters
Circle V -- The Wrathful and the Sullen
The Iron City of Dis
Circle VI -- The Heretics
Circle VII -- The Violent

Circle VIII -- Malebolge

Circle IX -- Cocytus